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Welcome! Let's Take a Moment to Get Acquainted.

Kurt and Barbara HaasHello! Thanks for dropping by today. We'd like to tell you a few things about ourselves so that you can get to know us a little better.

We look forward to having a chance to get to know you, too. Our friends call us Kurt and Barbara. Allow us to share some personal details.

Matterhorn with Swiss flag OUR BACKGROUNDS - Kurt originally comes from the German-speaking part of Switzerland - long story. If you'd reallly like to hear more, just ask! We even have a dramatized version of his life story, available to the brave and curious. :)

Me? I originally come from another foreign country where my dad served as a cop for 20 years - New York City. Well, it's almost foreign. Don't you agree?

OUR FAMILY & HOBBIES - Kurt and I have been married since 1972, and we have 5 children, ages 11 through 29. We both love to read and travel. My hobby is building web pages. I'm really into this computer and Internet stuff.

OUR INTERESTS - We both love our church, where Kurt serves as an elder and I serve as organist and webmaster. Our first love is helping others through full-time prison and Internet ministry, linking troubled youth and adults with life-changing programs. We'd be glad to tell you more. Just ask!

There are a few things in this life that we can truly be proud of, but we can think of one thing in particular we would like to share with you. Kurt's proudest moment was when he became a father. There wasn't a thing I did with the children where Kurt didn't come alongside and do the same. He was right in there, changing diapers, giving baths, reading storybooks, and spoon-feeding.

My proudest achievement is my online Children's Chapel, featuring a whole repertoire of Bible story lessons, complete with activities, coloring pages, memory verses, prayers, songs, and over 150 family-friendly links.

looking back and forth The silliest or craziest thing that we've ever done? The silliest, craziest adventure we've ever experienced as a family was when Kurt took us on a wild ride over 7 European mountain passes, through 3 countries in ONE day! Talk about nutty American tourists!

One of the passes was so primitive, there weren't any guard rails. Believe me, it was terrifying at some points, but once he started up the pass, there was no turning around.

The greatest benefit of owning our own home-based business is that it allows us to spend more time with each other and with our family.

Kurt and I have worked beside one another in ministry and business since we were first married. As a matter of fact, when he proposed to me, he didn't ask me to marry him. He asked me if I would be his SECRETARY! It was a year later before he asked me to marry him. We always tease one another about THAT one.

Health Products

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Our Story in a Nutshell
As you can imagine, raising a family of 7, we've had our share of ups and downs. We have learned that the secret to success is persistence - a spirit that never quits. We're convinced that is the one quality that has carried us through to where we are today.

When others were throwing in the towel, we wouldn't even allow ourselves to consider it. We discovered this is a business ANYBODY can do, so long as they never quit. It's only a matter of time before you can savour the results of sweet success.

Give us a call today and we'll gladly begin to walk alongside you, at your own pace - wherever you're at financially - helping you reach the financial security you need. Mobile: (440) 258-4955.

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